The title of this blog post pretty much says it all! Yesterday while I was out buying jewelry supplies, I decided to check out a local art show! I saw some amazing cake inspired artwork on my friend’s Instagram accounts, and I wanted to see its sugary goodness for myself! The show is called Break Bread, and it was at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA. The show featured local LA artists Baker’s Son and Scott Hove. In the spirit of absolute kitsch, I decided to wear my off shoulder Angelyne t-shirt! (To those who don’t know who Angelyne is, she is a true LA icon!)

The gallery is somewhat hidden in between a fabric shop and a wedding supply shop, but the women outside know if you’re looking for the gallery, because they said to me, “Second floor!” LOL! When I walked in, I was told that they were setting up for another event, as well as moving stuff around–which means I may have missed stuff? However, I first went towards Scott Hove’s cake room, which was a colorful, narrow corridor with tall cake sculptures, and each nook and cranny was covered in frosted delight! The corridor was mirrored, so in the photos, the room appears large than it is. But, it was definitely Instagram-worthy to get in there and take a couple selfies!

And before you ask, yes, this was definitely a must. Who wouldn’t want to take selfies to share on Instagram if you’re in a place like this? You would be stupid not to, and if this helps me to get some more followers, then why wouldn’t I do it? I’ve been looking to get more followers for ages, but I’ve had no luck so far. I asked my Instagram-savvy friend if she had any ideas about what to do, and she told me about some growth services but said that I should probably use Nitreo, as she found that jarvee was hard to use and eventually moved across. It looks like it has been beneficial to her as well, so I might look into this if these selfies don’t do the trick. I’m glad I managed to get a few photo opportunities though.

I moved forward to another room, which was a mirrored maze that led me to a large video art installation. The video piece was surrounded by mirrors, so as you got closer to the screen, you felt enveloped by by what was being projected. It would transition from a cool, refreshing rainfall, to a wild, hot fire! After that, I went into another room with more cake sculptures. Naturally I tried to take a few photos with my jewelry alongside the artwork! My favorite pieces was the “Cake Uzi” and the feral looking frosted cake–which all I could think of in my head (which may not make any sense at all) was “FEED ME SEYMOUR!” from The Little Shop of Horrors!

Definitely stay updated on future shows at the Think Tank Gallery, and check out the Break Bread show before it ends on March 13th!