After having lived in LA for almost half my life, I finally visited the Petersen Auto Museum!  They were closed for a long time for renovations (hello, fancy new exterior!) and they just re-opened at the end of last year!  So, one cloudy day in LA, my friend Aaron and I decided to check it out!  We also opted for the vault tour, to see all the cars they have housed in the garage below.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but it was definitely amazing to see some of the first cars ever made, as well as one a kind cars, and famous cars from movies and other historical events!

When you walk past the amazing exterior entrance–which looks like a giant fingerprint!–you get to see a small selection of awesome cars.  Inside was a burly Land Rover truck from the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, a white 1967 Toyota 2000gt (also in another Bond movie, You Only Live Twice), and a gigantic 1930’s Rolls Royce Phantom with round car doors!  The cars are curated into specific show exhibits, so each gallery has a different rotation of cars based on their show calendar.  My friend and I found ourselves in love with their “Precious Metals” exhibit, where it featured a large handful of beautiful cars in the same bright silver color!  My personal favorite was the 1959 Corvette Stingray–which obviously I had to take a selfie with!  There were also a couple other cars that were exciting to see, like the 1970 Dodge Charger from Furious 7, and the Batmobile from Batman!  One of the guards told us that the Batmobile was a modified Chevrolet Impala, who knew?

They also have frequent car meets and special events hosted at the museum, so it is not only worth just a visit, but worth returning to!  Side note, I also spotted actress Elizabeth Berkley (Saved By The Bell, Showgirls) right next to Steve McQueen’s car!  You never know who you may run into!  Visit their website online at: for tickets and more info.