So, my best friend Tien got her car fixed recently, and they let her rent a 2016 Dodge Challenger for a few days! Being that I’m such a fan of muscle cars, we decided to do an impromptu photoshoot with it at the top of the Arclight Cinemas garage! And then we took it on a long drive, from Hollywood to Bel Air, and drove on Mulholland drive from the 405, all the way to the 101! It was the perfect night for such a drive, the full moon was out, and there was barely a cloud in the sky!

The fact that we both knew that her ownership of the vehicle was going to be temporary made the experience incredibly bittersweet. While it was such a blast to be cruising around in such a beautiful machine, the thought that we would no longer be able to do so in a day or two was a hard pill to swallow. Cutting to a few days after she returned the Challenger, I caught my friend checking out the Autozin car listings looking for a used example of the vehicle. She was clearly having withdrawal symptoms, but who can blame her? I might check in with her at a later date to see if she went ahead with buying one.

Knowing that we would be on such an exciting excursion (with an exciting car!), I tried to rock the most appropriate outfit I could with it! I’m wearing a beanie from Collection XIIX, an awesome “Claudia Schiffer” sweatshirt from Zara, denim leggings from Uniqlo, and black ostrich leather Nike Air Jordans. Photos by Tien Tienngern (with the exception of the selfie!).