A couple months ago, I was stuck in traffic on highway 5.  Being an Angeleno for almost two decades, this is not a surprise. In fact, traffic is so prolific, it is always the perfect opportunity to connect with God!  I.e.  “Please Lord, give me strength to not sideswipe this car!” or “Jesus, take the wheel, or else I will throw my beloved Coffee Bean ice blended at that driver!”  This time, it was so bad on the 5, that I actually had a few moments to look at my surroundings.  Near Griffith Park, I saw a whole lot of old train cars situated behind some trees, and I asked myself, “What is THAT?”  Later, when I got home, I looked it up and saw that it was the Travel Town museum!

In my mission to do something new each week, I decided to do a quick stop over there.  The museum was a lot larger than I was expecting, I didn’t get a chance to cover all of it, only just what was outside!  (They have an indoor area with train cars that I have yet to inspect.)  Naturally, I had to take my jewelry with me to explore opportunities for some cool shots!  There are a couple train cars that they allow you to go into, there’s an engine car and an empty passenger car you can walk inside of.  Since I’m not surrounded by trains often, I was pleasantly surprised to see how large and looming they are close up!

I wandered around all the cars looking for cool backgrounds to shoot my jewelry on!  The aged painted metal, wood, and dynamic surfaces definitely made for some amazing shots.  (See gallery above!)  There were also train tracks everywhere, so I suffered through the blazing LA heat to get my name just right on the tracks!  The Travel Town museum and grounds are a great place to do a little exploring, or have a lovely picnic!  It’s definitely worth making a pit stop if you’re in the Griffith Park area!