Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 1

So a few weeks ago, my parents and I decided to take a fun road trip around Washington state!  I hadn’t been to Washington since I was a teenager–so it was definitely an entirely different experience this time!  We decided to make our first stop in Spokane.  One of the first places we visited was Spokane Falls, which is a waterfall and dam in the heart of downtown Spokane.  They have a lovely park right next to the waterfalls–but if you get too close to the water, you will definitely get super wet!  And unfortunately, we learned that the Sky Ride is only open on weekends!

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 2

Here’s a detail pic of the massive bridge above Spokane Falls, with its amazing strong arches and supports.  And of course I learned the hard way about getting too close to the water, it definitely felt like it was raining in my face!  But of course I had to take a selfie!  And that was the only face I could make with my eyes slightly open, LOL!

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 3

As we were driving around downtown Spokane, we saw these two large smoke stacks!  Turns out it’s an old steam plant that they converted into creative office spaces, boutiques, and a restaurant!  So naturally, we had to eat at the restaurant, which was called Stacks at Steam Plant.  The cool part about it is, you’re still surrounded by the infrastructure of the building, while dining on tasty food!  And afterwards, it’s fun to explore the rest of the building (and work off all that yummy food!).

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 4

Even the tiles inside the building were amazing!  And, creepily enough, you can actually go inside one of the smoke stacks.  I went in when it was super dark, and it was definitely an eerie feeling being in an enclosed space and looking up!  Spokane was definitely a super fun trip, and it was awesome to see things that I don’t normally see in Los Angeles!