Jenny Dayco visits Seattle 1

The last time I was in Seattle, I was a sassy (and grumpy!) typical teenager.  Although, I did secretly enjoy being the city known as the “birthplace of grunge”.  Going as an adult was a totally different experience–and I could barely sleep because there was so much to do!  I actually wanted to do all the touristy things, like visit Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, etc!  One of the first things we did was visit the Pike Place Market–also known as the one of the oldest farmers’ markets in existence!  Not only did it begin in 1907, but it also houses the first Starbucks coffee shop ever!  (Prepare yourself for a long line!)  When we were there, it was the height of tulip season, so all the flower shops held endless rows of colorful and bright tulips!  And you can basically eat and shop everywhere around you, there are local vendors selling fresh fish and meats, as well as specialty foods and snacks.  Our personal favorite was Chukar Cherries, we literally could not get enough of their Pistachio and Cherry mix, and their Classic Dark Cherries.  And yes, do take advantage of their bulk discount, because we sure did!  And there are also plenty of shops, there are the typical tourist-y gift items, but there are also hidden gems within the large building as you move down through all the floors!

Jenny Dayco visits Seattle 2

After running around the Pike Place Market all day, I decided to check out Seattle Center.  When I was young, we only got to see the Space Needle.  Today, it is surrounded by several museums, and it also has a lovely public playground, performance area, and park!  Since everything was already shutting down that evening, I decided to walk all around the park and take some pics!  I was first enamored with the EMP Museum, with its unique architecture and colorful metal panels.  The building was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry.  I loved the looming curves of the building, and with every step around it, it was a new shape / silhouette against the sky!  Most of the panels were mirrored, which made for some awesome reflections and colors against the ground!  The building was so gigantic, I took a picture of myself (look how tiny I am!) for perspective.  The next day, I went inside the EMP Museum–but that needs its own blog post!

Jenny Dayco visits Seattle 3

I also took a quick snap of the Pacific Science Center’s unique arches, I thought they looked incredible against the cloudy gray sky!  I wasn’t able to check it out on this trip, but I definitely will next time!  EMP Museum blog post to follow soon!  It was just as incredible on the inside as it was on the outside!

To know more about Frank Gehry and see his body of artwork and architecture, please visit