Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 1

After feeling totally enamored with Seattle’s EMP Museum, I walked over to the Chihuly garden and glass museum–which is right next door!  Talk about an otherworldly experience!  It’s situated in the middle of the park, and you can get glimpses into the garden, which is difficult to not get curious about.  When you first enter the museum, you experience something akin to an alien-like planet!  The room is entirely dark, and all you can see are these luminous neon squiggles and drops, as they reflect against a dark mirrored surface.  The entire installation reminded me of the tail ends of a jellyfish, as if each glass piece had a life of its own!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 2

Another exhibit was inspired by the ocean and sea life!  The large blue centerpiece was incredibly tall and imposing, it was basically from floor to ceiling!  Amongst the gigantic swirling tubes of glass, there were golden sea creatures that were playfully dotted within it.  I was especially drawn to two other sculptures, which were the black and gold octopus pieces.  The inky black octopus appeared to have a life of its own, as it was set upon a golden coral piece, and the lighting made it gleam in such a lifelike way.  The other octopus piece was its opposite, this time the octopus was gold, but it had a translucent shimmer, which made it appear almost ethereal in person.

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 3

There was another room where you felt like you were under the sea!  The ceiling was covered in an entire series of colorful glass pieces, in floral motif and bubble patterns.  As the sunlight shines down, you can see the colorful light shine on the white walls below it.  I only included the one photo above of that particular room, but the room itself is rather large and filled with so much color!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 4

This next room had a very “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it–but with an alien-y twist, I think!  It appeared like a wild, gigantic garden, with large colorful plants and flowers.  It’s almost unreal how such organic and life like forms can be sculpted with glass!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 5

Above are detailed shots of some amazing hanging sculptures!  These pieces are definitely reminiscent of sea anemones, as they were bulbous, yet beautiful!  I have to hand it to the people who curate these exhibits, the lighting for each piece was so incredible, it would be near impossible to get a bad shot of anything in there!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 6

Before you reach the entrance to the gardens, you end up inside a large glass greenhouse!  Above you there is a spiral, DNA-like strand of vibrant glass flowers from end to end.  As you also look up above, you can see the Space Needle!  I decided to take a silly selfie inside, as if the spiral was coming out of my head, like a burst of creative inspiration!  (I mean, how could you NOT be inspired by this place?)  Just outside the greenhouse, they have a demo of how the glass sculptures were created, so you can get a glimpse into how all these pieces were made!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 7

Lastly, I wandered the outdoor garden, which had a blend of glass sculptures situated within actual plants and bushes!  I lucked out with the weather (since there are hardly any sunny days in Seattle), so all the colors were rich and bright.  Pictured above is a crop of red floral bulbs, and a large cactus style sculpture!

If you’re sticking around the Seattle Center area, this museum is a must-see!  Visit their site at for more info!