A few months ago, my stylist friend Audrey Brianne had asked to borrow a few pieces for a band she was styling called Kaleo. They were set to perform on Conan O’Brien. I hadn’t looked into their music before and ended up just taping the show. I was blown away by their song “Way Down We Go” and drawn to JJ’s husky, raspy blues voice.

They were set for more TV appearances and an upcoming tour, and JJ wanted more specific items, so Audrey organized for me to meet him at his hotel while he was on vocal rest. When I got to meet JJ in person, I was shocked at how tall and handsome he was in person!  Even though he couldn’t talk very much, I could sense that he was very sweet and kind, and seemed to possess a “wandering old soul” in a way.

My arms were full — I had basically brought along my entire jewelry kit: charms, chains, feathers, bits and all for him to choose from. JJ kept saying everything I had assembled together or picked out was “beautiful.” He then asked me why I brought feathers, and I laughingly told him, “I don’t know! I figured I would just bring everything for you to look at. And I think feathers can be a nice color contrast or texture against the charms you picked out.” Turns out my instinct was right, because almost everything he picked out had a feather on it!

He was drawn to things that seemed earthy, and definitely anything Native American inspired! I also taught him how to tell if a stone is real stone or not, which he enjoyed. (Hint: Natural stone is strangely cold to the touch, glass is not). At the end before leaving, he gave me a hug and I was thinking, “How many girls would want to be me right now?”

I ended up creating several custom necklaces based on the items he had previously picked out, and from there, he chose his favorite pieces. Not long after, he was already wearing one of the pieces on the show Late Night with Seth Meyers.

I’ll be posting the photos of JJ wearing my jewelry on my Instagram page and my Facebook page, but in the meantime, here’s a video of them performing on Late Night With Seth Meyers!  JJ is wearing my carved horn pendant and red pheasant tail necklace.  A big thanks to Audrey for putting us together, and it was such a pleasure working with a lovely and talented man!