I cannot get enough of Kaleo’s music!  Thankfully JJ also can’t get enough of my jewelry either!  When stylist Audrey Brianne contacted me about their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, of course I agreed to make some custom pieces for them!  I actually taught myself how to macrame bracelets just for this project!  JJ ended up wearing his favorite carved horn and red pheasant feather necklace for this performance, but they all kept a significant chunk of my bracelets for their current tour!  Audrey told me that “[JJ] loved it all”, and “[He] was so thankful when I told him you made it all custom again.”  Up above is a video of them performing “No Good”, and just below is a video of them performing their hit song, “Way Down We Go”.  If you’re a fan of rock and roll and unique vocals, definitely pick up their debut album “A/B” out in stores, or preview it on Spotify!