Bahari wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry at Kaaboo Del mar

A range of my chokers recently made an appearance on the stunning Southern California all girl band Bahari! They’re currently performing in LA and San Diego with their easy, California cool tunes — the kind that makes you wanna go for a drive with the top down and just cruise ’til sunset!

The request was for chokers a-plenty, so I crafted a wide range of varying styles including simple leather ones, wraparound ones, thin stone chokers, and chokers with stone pendants. For me, it was actually fun to make stuff that’s a little different from my usual pieces, and it gave me a chance to finesse my choker-making skills for the next time around! As I said I don’t usually go for this style of chokers, but after seeing so many people wear them all over Instagram, just out and about, and even as an everyday accessory, I figured I’ll give a go of making some! Depending on how this goes it may even inspire me to try making some more jewellery too in the near future. So, if you’re searching for a choker or a particular style like this girl band is wearing, then you can take a look at what I’m offering or you can have a lookout elsewhere depending what you’re after.

Here are some more pics of Ruby Rose Carr, Sidney Sartini, and Natalia Panzarella of Bahari wearing my chokers are below! Photos courtesy of Ladygunn magazine, Getty Images, Kamara Morozuk, and John Hancock Photography.

Bahari wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry 1
Bahari wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry 3
Bahari wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry 2