Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 2

A few months ago, my bestie Tien and I decided to take an exploratory trip up to Paramount Ranch! It currently functions as a location for film and tv shows, but on the days it’s not booked out for a shoot, it is open to the public! It is the perfect place to live the ranch lifestyle for a short amount of time. Readers who are dreaming of a permanent ranch lifestyle should enquire about these texas ranches for sale. It is not that far off of a drive either, it was about 30-40 minutes north from Hollywood–including a little traffic time, LOL! The first place we started to shoot at was in this golden field behind the ranch-style buildings. There were signs to watch out for rattlesnakes, so be careful! I walked up the hill a little bit and heard quite a bit of rattling, so I decided to go no further!

I’m wearing my favorite gold aviator sunnies from Le Specs, a thrifted vintage buckram and gold trim hat, a vintage 1960’s or 1970’s lace caftan from Etienne’s Mommy, tank top and distressed shorts from Forever 21 plus, my vintage gold and quartz point bracelet, and my own MIA boots. I regularly check the Etienne’s Mommy eBay store, she always has such great vintage items at an affordable price! If you love all things boho and lacy, her eBay shop is definitely worth bookmarking! All outfit photos are by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 1
Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 4

A few years ago, my mom bought this silver sequin fabric from the Philippines! She thought it would be fun for me to use for a display or for a photo shoot! I’ve always wanted to experiment with it, so Tien and I took this opportunity to have some fun! Above is my favorite shot using the fabric. The security guard thought we were doing a wedding shoot, LOL!

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 5

This time, I got my hands on the camera and photographed Tien with an ostrich feather fan! And then I had another idea to wrap the feathers around my face to highlight my topaz coated quartz ring! I love it when spontaneous ideas come together–especially when they come out beautifully!

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 6

We found this gigantic wooden barn door, so Tien wanted to shoot my gold reverse quartz choker on it! Also, part of the ranch has a lone chapel out in a field. It was covered with caution tape, but the security guard was kind enough to let us go inside it! (Making people laugh does have its benefits!) It was empty, and the afternoon sun was shining brightly through the windows! Tien thought it would be a great idea to make use of the lighting, and capture a moody, romantic photo of me inside the chapel.

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 8

Here’s the “town” part of Paramount Ranch!

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 9

Here’s a shot of my vintage 1960’s silver multi chain bracelet on Tien!

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 7
Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 10

We were totally convinced that the red stains on the wood floors was fake blood! So then I had to shoot my vintage silver wreath necklace on it!

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 11

I took Tien’s fancy camera from her to get this awesome shot of her! The sun was setting, and we loved the shadows that the hat created on her face!

Jenny Dayco at Paramount Ranch 12

Goodbye Paramount Ranch! Shortly after this photo was taken, a park ranger drove right up to us asking us a few questions about our shoot! You’re not allowed to shoot there for commercial purposes without a permit. But you are allowed to shoot there just for fun. I told him we were just two cute girls trying to up our Instagram game–but Tien just happened to have a fancy camera on hand! For more info about Paramount Ranch, please visit their website at: There is no fee to enter the ranch, and there is plenty of parking and bathrooms right by the ranger station. Get out there and have fun! Share any pics of links of your visit in the comments below!