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Kaleo on Jimmy Kimmel Live

I cannot get enough of Kaleo’s music!  Thankfully JJ also can’t get enough of my jewelry either!  When stylist Audrey Brianne contacted me about their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, of course I agreed to make some custom pieces for them!  I actually taught myself how to macrame bracelets just for this project!  JJ ended up wearing his favorite carved horn and red pheasant feather necklace for this performance, but they all kept a significant chunk of my bracelets for their current tour!  Audrey told me that “[JJ] loved it all”, and “[He] was so thankful when I told him you made it all custom again.”  Up above is a video of them performing “No Good”, and just below is a video of them performing their hit song, “Way Down We Go”.  If you’re a fan of rock and roll and unique vocals, definitely pick up their debut album “A/B” out in stores, or preview it on Spotify!

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Journey into Joshua Tree

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 1

Joshua Tree National Park is one of those magical places that never gets old!  With every visit, I always feel inspired by the atmosphere of this tranquil and beautiful environment!  The park is so gigantic, it’s really tough to cover it all in one day, so definitely give yourself a couple of days to explore the entire place.  On this particular trip, I decided to go to a couple exhibits I had never seen before!

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 2

My first stop was to visit the “Hall of Horrors” exhibit!  I tried to look online to find out why it has that particular moniker, however, it seems that is just what it’s called!  Nothing about it is frightening or haunted at all, in fact, it is rather beautiful!  This rock formation is not as high as some of the other exhibits, but it is still just as lovely!  The rocks themselves are nearly all at the same level, which makes it ideal for those who love bouldering and rock climbing.

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 3

Well, naturally I had to shoot my jewelry in there somewhere!  Pictured on the left side is my peach stilbite stone and gold collar necklace.  When I originally saw this stone, I knew it had to be a pendant of some sort!  I thought that attaching it to a short collar would be a wonderful way to show off the stone’s beautiful colors and texture.  On the right side is my vintage faux pearl teardrops, quartz stone chips, on a vintage silver 1960’s decorative link necklace. When I made it, I wanted to create a piece that was an unexpected take on traditional pearl jewelry.  The vintage decorative links serve as a unique offset to the large, luminous pearl teardrops, and I added in the quartz chips for a touch of reflective light!

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 4

The photo above is from when I got a little lost in the park!  But I ended up in a magnificent spot in which to take a photo!  The landscape in Joshua Tree typically looks like this, and as you drive along, you get to see unique rock formations dotted along the desert.  I was trying to find my way to Jumbo Rocks, but ended up here thinking I had passed it.  (I didn’t go further in long enough!)

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 5

And, after turning around a couple of times, I finally found Jumbo Rocks!  (I was doing this without a map, FYI!)  It is a large campground, where you are situated in between lower rock formations that you can climb on!  I took this photo because unlike the other rock exhibits, this particular area had a few different kinds of formations, some looked flat, some looked like large ridges, etc!  You can literally never take a bad photo of this area, since the warm tones of the rocks against the blue sky are a stunning contrast with each shot.

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 6

Pictured on the left, was a large flat stone plateau that I was able to climb up on!  Some of the formations are slanted, so it is an easy climb up to get a nice view of the Jumbo Rocks area.  All around me were little desert lizards that also wanted to enjoy the scenic view!  I also took a moment to get a marvelous photo of my geometric wire sculpture and topaz quartz earrings, in collaboration with artist Diana Dich.  A few months ago, I commissioned Diana to create a wire sculpture for my friend, and she also included these mini wire sculptures as well!  I decided to take them both and give them a little extra drama by adding some iridescent topaz coated quartz points onto them!  To see more of Diana’s artwork online, please visit her website at

Jenny Dayco visits Joshua Tree 7

Lastly, I had to take a photo of this hilarious looking rock formation!  When I saw it, I immediately thought of a tyrannosaurus rex trying to reach a rock with its tiny arms!  What do you see?  Let me know in the comments below!

Joshua Tree is a magical and amazing place that you will want to visit over and over again!  I certainly never get tired of it, and I have yet to explore all the other areas!  For more information about the park, please visit their official website at:  If you’re looking to stay at a wonderful place right by the park entrance, check out my friend Kelsey’s 3 bedroom home on Airbnb at:  Cell phone reception is spotty in the park, and there are no places to eat nearby.  So definitely bring your own food, water, phone chargers, and toilet paper!  Also, another useful tip is to use the portable bathrooms during the day–because at night, it can get uh…a little “exciting”!  Hope you fall in love with this place as much as I did!

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Wacky Pioneertown and the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway!

Jenny Dayco visits Pioneertown 1

And the desert adventures just kept continuing on!  Shortly after my trip to the Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, and Slab City, my friends Will and Kelsey planned a trip out to Joshua Tree!  Kelsey has a lovely 3 bedroom home available for Airbnb in Joshua Tree.  It’s right next to the entrance of the park, and conveniently located near the downtown area.  Check out her Airbnb listing at: Also, check out her home’s Instagram page at

Our first day there, I decided to stop by the Jen’s Pirate Booty pop up shop!  I’m a big fan of the line, and they were having a gigantic clearance sale just for the Coachella crowd!  Prices were incredible, everything was 50% – 90% off retail prices, so naturally I had to scoop up a large handful of gauzy tops and dresses!  (You’ll see pics of me wearing what I bought in future posts!)  I got to meet Jen Rossi, the owner / designer of the line, and she said that she planned on making that spot a permanent shop for her line–which is so exciting!

Jenny Dayco visits Pioneertown 2

Later that afternoon, the three of us trekked over to Pioneertown, just a few miles away from Joshua Tree. The drive from the highway is beautiful, and it’s hard not to think of the rock formations coming alive–à la Rock Biter from The NeverEnding Story!  Pioneertown is a kooky place, as it was built in the 1940’s as an Old West motion picture set.  Acting legends Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were key investors in developing the area.  Their central area (known as Mane street–pun intended) has the facades of old stables, saloons, and jails, but at the time, they housed ice cream parlors, bowling alleys, and motels!  Numerous films and television shows were filmed here in the 1940s and ‘50s. The featured photo up top was taken inside an old barn that was converted into a bookstore!  During the day, they have live Western shows on Mane street, which include acting performances and live music.

In addition to all the Western style sets, they do have little gift shops as well!  I was out in front of the Chaparrosa Outfitters shop, making some new crow buddies!  There are mini shops that sell local artwork, pottery, fragrant soaps, rocks and minerals, and many more!  We had a good laugh at “local cactus” that somebody put sunglasses on, so I had to take a photo!  And to top off our little trip, we all got to pet some baby goats!

We didn’t get a chance to go to Pappy and Harriet’s, which is the most famous destination in Pioneertown.  It’s a restaurant and performance venue, where local bands and headlining bands (surprisingly so!) play on a regular basis.  If you’re in Joshua Tree for a while, definitely check out this place!  The only downside is that there is no cell phone reception, and the only available public restrooms are portable ones.  But, it is offbeat and special in its own unique way!

Jenny Dayco at Palm Springs Aerial tramway 1

After our visit to Pioneertown, my friend Will and I decided to visit the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway!  Even though it was 90+ degrees on the ground, it was almost in the low 60’s once we got up there!  So bring a jacket, even though it seems ridiculous to do so!  The tram ride is awesome, what makes it different is that the car actually rotates 360 degrees as it ascends up the mountain.  So no matter where you stand, you’ll be getting a great view into the valley below.  But, if you can stand by the window, you can get some amazing photos as well as catch a brisk, cool breeze!

Jenny Dayco at Palm Springs Aerial tramway 2

We got up to the peak as the sun was setting, so it made for some beautiful shadows in the forest above, and some phenomenal colors below!  To protect my eyes from the bright sunlight, I’m wearing gold aviators by Le Specs.

Jenny Dayco at Palm Springs Aerial tramway 3

Also at the top, there is a “wishing rock”, where people have thrown coins and such into the rocks below!  My friend Will and I didn’t have any coins to throw, so he joked about throwing his car keys down there, and said out loud, “I wish I had my keys back!”  The couple next to us laughed so hard that they ended giving us coins!

Jenny Dayco at Palm Springs Aerial tramway 4
Jenny Dayco at Palm Springs Aerial tramway 5

Leaving the mountain at night was such a magical experience!  The lights of Palm Springs were so bright from above!  This little adventure to the mountain was a lovely and peaceful end to an amazing day!  Up next is all about my mini trip through Joshua Tree National Park!

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Desert Adventure: Part 2

Jenny Dayco visits Slab City 1

After gazing upon the magnificent Salvation Mountain, my friend Tien and I wandered over to Slab City nearby!  Slab City, or The Slabs, is a free campsite community located near an active bombing range in the desert city of Niland, California. Previously an old WWII base, Marine Barracks Camp Dunlap, the campsite earns its name for the concrete slabs that remained long after the military base had been bulldozed and abandoned.  It is basically an “off the grid” alternative living community and artist commune in one place!  The residents there have no electricity, fresh water, nor sewage treatment.

What makes this place unique is all the local art that surrounds you as you drive through it.  Pictured above is the iconic “Tree of Souls” (Soles?) is right by the entrance to Slab City.  As we went further in, there was this old truck that was fully covered in old technological components and random materials, presented as one giant art piece.  Below is another shot of it from the side!

Jenny Dayco visits Slab City 2

Also, what was surprising about this place is that the residents there are naturally friendly and polite (unlike LA, LOL!).  They do get curious about what you’re doing, but for the most part, it appears that they are used to the public coming in and photographing everything.  We missed a couple spots there, like East Jesus and the mural on the water tank, I’ll definitely have to visit those spots next time!

Jenny Dayco visits Slab City 3

But, we did see this awesome eye and crow wall mural, so we had to take a photo in front of it!  These two women were out walking their dogs, and one of them wandered over to me, and Tien captured this awesome shot!  I’m thinking the dog is a better model than me in this photo!  I’m wearing a vintage 1970’s red gauze dress from American Archive, gold aviator sunglasses by Le Specs, and Nike Air Max 1’s.  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits Westmoreland

After running around Slab City, we started our journey home!  We came across this amazing field in the city of Westmoreland, so we pulled over and started taking pictures!  This image reminds me so much of the Andrew Wyeth painting, “Christina’s World”.  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits the Salton Sea 3

Lastly, I have no idea what possessed us to go to the Salton Sea beach at night, but we wanted to explore the area that we missed!  While Tien was out shooting in the dark like a crazy person, I mostly stayed in the car.  Until she coaxed me to get out of the car and stand by the Salton Sea Beach Marina sign!  Notice my enthusiasm in the photo, LOL!  I was desperately trying to avoid getting any splinters!  I’m wearing a top by Forever 21, and acid wash shorts from Torrid.  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

I’m just surprised how much we got to see in one day!  I’m definitely taking a trip out there next time, and seeing all the places we missed.  If you decide to do the Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, and Slab City trip, just remember that cell phone reception is spotty, and you can only get fuel in Westmoreland.  Would love to hear in the comments below if you decide to take a journey over there!

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Desert Adventure: Part 1

Jenny Dayco visits the Salton Sea 2

A few months ago, during Coachella season, my friend Tien invited me out to stay at the “Coachella house” for the week!  She had a couple days off before the festival, so naturally we made plans to take a mini trip around the area!  First things first, if you ever decide to visit the Salton Sea, do a little bit of research beforehand!  We missed Bombay Beach, so that is definitely on the list for the next trip out there!  Our first stop was on the northern shore of the Salton sea, where there was a stone jetty that went partially into the lake.  From a distance, the lake and the mountains look beautiful!  But once you start walking towards the jetty, an odious smell emanates from the water, and the “sand” and “rocks” you’re walking on are partially comprised of fish skeletons.  That kind of stuff doesn’t freak me out, but for the queasy, this might not be the place for you to visit!  Amongst the rocks, there are dead, decomposing birds and fish, and decomposing fish are strewn all along the waterfront.  But of course, for someone like me, I enjoy the weirdness and overall bizarre-ness of this entire place!

A little history about the Salton Sea as I understand it:  it was created by an unexpected flood by the Colorado river, and the water flowed into the Salton land depression.  In the area surrounding it, there are large scale agricultural fields, and the agricultural water runoff would flow into the Salton Sea.  Due to the runoff, the salinity of the water increased over time, eventually killing off any fish that inhabited inside the lake.  Before the salinity of the water increased, it was a popular destination in the 1920’s though the 1960’s.  But over time, the lake had become so toxic, it became what it is today.  (Totally smelly, but awesome!)

Jenny Dayco visits the Salton Sea

But of course, no smelly decomposing anything, dead fish, and strange colored waters would keep me away from getting some awesome photos of this place!  Looking out by the water is still really pretty, and unexpectedly so!  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 1

After the Salton Sea, we decided to head towards Salvation Mountain.  There was a lovely pit stop just before the mountain, so naturally we did a mini photo shoot right there!  I’m wearing a crochet trim top from Forever 21, acid wash denim shorts from Torrid, gold mirrored aviator sunglasses by Le Specs from Nordstrom, and black Nike Air Max 1’s.  Also, Salvation Mountain and Slab City are right next to each other!  My only advice is that if you do this desert trip as well, start early!  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 2

Salvation Mountain was definitely at the top of my desert bucket list!  Seeing it in photos does not do it justice at all!  It is much bigger, brighter, and beautiful in person!  The entire mountain was created by artist Leonard Knight, who felt upon his heart to share the message that “God is love”.  Over the course of many years, he built and painted this massive, large scale artwork using adobe clay, straw, and donated buckets of paint.  After driving through miles and miles of brown desert land, this place is a radiant pop of color within it!

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 3

In my attempt to blog about my wardrobe, I had to change outfits just for this particular location!  I’m wearing a vintage 1970’s red gauze angel wing dress from American Archive, a brown leather belt from Kohl’s, acid wash denim shorts from Torrid, my mom’s vintage 1980’s sunglasses, and thrifted Frye boots from American Way.  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 4
Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 5

On the right side of the mountain, there was a lovely little dome shaped cave, which to me, seemed like a small prayer chapel!  There were letters to God, as well as bits and pieces of paper, along with a Bible.  My friend mentioned there is a little spirit in there, but he is friendly and just asks you to pray for him.  Across from the cave, there is another entrance to another mountain, but this one is a little different, you can actually go inside of it!

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 6

Walking inside the second mountain was like walking into the inner workings of the human nervous system!  There was a large framework of colorful connecting branches up above, and more small caves you can walk inside of!  This entire place is practically Instagram worthy, it’s hard not to take a photo with every turn!

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 7

Yup, totally obsessed with this outfit as you can see!  Photos by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 8

And, what makes Salvation Mountain even better?  The fact that you can climb up it!  The signs say to stick to the yellow (non-brick) road, and it takes you all the way to the top where the cross is.  It goes up pretty high too, so you can see the other outdoor sculptures surrounding the mountain (yes, there’s more!), and Slab City nearby.  Photo by Tiensirin Tienngern.

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 10

And that is my “Instagram wife” Tien, doing what she does best!  Taking photos with her phone and professional camera!

Jenny Dayco visits Salvation Mountain 9

It was hard to leave this place, but it won’t be the last time I’ll be seeing it!  For more information about Salvation Mountain, please visit their official website at:

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Kaleo on Late Night With Seth Meyers

A few months ago, my stylist friend Audrey Brianne had asked to borrow a few pieces for a band she was styling called Kaleo. They were set to perform on Conan O’Brien. I hadn’t looked into their music before and ended up just taping the show. I was blown away by their song “Way Down We Go” and drawn to JJ’s husky, raspy blues voice.

They were set for more TV appearances and an upcoming tour, and JJ wanted more specific items, so Audrey organized for me to meet him at his hotel while he was on vocal rest. When I got to meet JJ in person, I was shocked at how tall and handsome he was in person!  Even though he couldn’t talk very much, I could sense that he was very sweet and kind, and seemed to possess a “wandering old soul” in a way.

My arms were full — I had basically brought along my entire jewelry kit: charms, chains, feathers, bits and all for him to choose from. JJ kept saying everything I had assembled together or picked out was “beautiful.” He then asked me why I brought feathers, and I laughingly told him, “I don’t know! I figured I would just bring everything for you to look at. And I think feathers can be a nice color contrast or texture against the charms you picked out.” Turns out my instinct was right, because almost everything he picked out had a feather on it!

He was drawn to things that seemed earthy, and definitely anything Native American inspired! I also taught him how to tell if a stone is real stone or not, which he enjoyed. (Hint: Natural stone is strangely cold to the touch, glass is not). At the end before leaving, he gave me a hug and I was thinking, “How many girls would want to be me right now?”

I ended up creating several custom necklaces based on the items he had previously picked out, and from there, he chose his favorite pieces. Not long after, he was already wearing one of the pieces on the show Late Night with Seth Meyers.

I’ll be posting the photos of JJ wearing my jewelry on my Instagram page and my Facebook page, but in the meantime, here’s a video of them performing on Late Night With Seth Meyers!  JJ is wearing my carved horn pendant and red pheasant tail necklace.  A big thanks to Audrey for putting us together, and it was such a pleasure working with a lovely and talented man!

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Pilgrimage to the Painted Hills in Oregon!

Jenny Dayco visits Painted Hills in Oregon 1

Even though we were lucky enough to see the sunny skies in Seattle, we were not as fortunate to have them when we visited the Painted Hills in Oregon!  I was able to take a quick photo as the sun peeked out a little bit through the clouds!  Nevertheless, the Painted Hills were definitely a beautiful sight to see up close!  Unfortunately due to the sensitive nature of the Painted Hills, you are unable to hike through them or get up close.  The best way to see them is by the road alongside it!  The unique colors that streak the clay rich hills and mounds were formed millions of years ago by different volcanic eruptions and changing climate patterns. Over time, the landscape transformed again and again responding to the powerful forces of nature. Layers of ash and different types of soil mixed with minerals and plant material and eroded causing the unique coloring of the Painted Hills landscape we see today.

Jenny Dayco visits Painted Hills in Oregon 2

Further along the road is the unique and unusual Painted Cove!  Although the clay colored hills are not as looming, they are no less impressive and absolutely beautiful to gaze upon!  Fortunately, they have a wooden walkway where you can wander in between the hills–which is definitely Instagram worthy!  Pictured above is a shot of the texture of the hills, and of course yours truly had to take a selfie with my gold mirrored Le Specs sunglasses!

Jenny Dayco visits Painted Hills in Oregon 3

And lastly, here’s a photo of my lovely parents, who accompanied me on my adventures throughout the pacific northwest!  Also, you can see how large the clay hills are!  For more information about the Painted Hills and its surrounding areas, please visit

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Skagit tulip festival!

Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 1

After exploring Seattle for a few days, my parents and I went a little further north up to Mount Vernon to check out the Skagit Tulip Festival!  It was pretty amazing, seeing rows and rows of colorful and vibrant tulips!  I didn’t even know tulips could grow to be as big as my face!  If you ever decide to check out the tulip festival, definitely call any of the tulip farms in advance–apparently the tulips bloomed early this season.  And if you don’t want to run into traffic and into any lines, visit the local farms during the week!  On that following Saturday, we saw cars lined up all the way to the freeway, causing a ton of traffic!

The first place we checked out was Tulip Town.  This is where I saw the largest tulips, in clean, straight rows of color!  Don’t go into the rows of tulips unless you want to get yelled at!  (Although I got a pic in, LOL!)  It’s not as big as some of the other farms, but it’s definitely beautiful.  Pictured below are the photos I took at Tulip Town.


Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 2
Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 3
Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 4
Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 5
Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 6

The next day, we decided to check out the other famed tulip farm, which was called RoozenGaarde.  Not only does it have gigantic rectangular fields of tulips and daffodils, it also boasts several artfully arranged garden areas.  Below are a couple images from our visit there, as well as a photo of me deep inside the daffodil fields!  I would definitely say that this place was more like a garden or park than a flower farm.  It really is popular destination, so definitely get there early if you can!

Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 8
Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 7

And then we all ended the day with a lovely dinner and dessert with my longtime friend, Amanda!  We went to college together, and have been friends ever since!  Her husband Ken, and their kids Suraya and Zeke, were such a pleasure to be around for a few days!  I even got to up my dessert game a little bit (but I was more “assisting” than actually baking), with creating these apple pastry flowers–which came out pretty amazing!  All in all, my parents and I had a wonderful time in Mount Vernon, breathing fresh air, and experiencing the wondrous color and beauty that nature provides.  Looking forward to going back soon!

For more information about the tulip festival, visit their official website at:

Jenny Dayco visits Skagit tulip festival 9
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Crazy for the Chihuly garden and glass museum!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 1

After feeling totally enamored with Seattle’s EMP Museum, I walked over to the Chihuly garden and glass museum–which is right next door! Talk about an otherworldly experience! It’s situated in the middle of the park, and you can get glimpses into the garden, which is difficult to not get curious about. When you first enter the museum, you experience something akin to an alien-like planet! The room is entirely dark, and all you can see are these luminous neon squiggles and drops, as they reflect against a dark mirrored surface. The entire installation reminded me of the tail ends of a jellyfish, as if each glass piece had a life of its own!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 2

Another exhibit was inspired by the ocean and sea life! The large blue centerpiece was incredibly tall and imposing, it was basically from floor to ceiling! Amongst the gigantic swirling tubes of glass, there were golden sea creatures that were playfully dotted within it. I was especially drawn to two other sculptures, which were the black and gold octopus pieces. The inky black octopus appeared to have a life of its own, as it was set upon a golden coral piece, and the lighting made it gleam in such a lifelike way. The other octopus piece was its opposite, this time the octopus was gold, but it had a translucent shimmer, which made it appear almost ethereal in person.

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 3

There was another room where you felt like you were under the sea! The ceiling was covered in an entire series of colorful glass pieces, in floral motif and bubble patterns. As the sunlight shines down, you can see the colorful light shine on the white walls below it. I only included the one photo above of that particular room, but the room itself is rather large and filled with so much color!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 4

This next room had a very “Alice in Wonderland” feel to it–but with an alien-y twist, I think! It appeared like a wild, gigantic garden, with large colorful plants and flowers. It’s almost unreal how such organic and life like forms can be sculpted with glass!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 5

Above are detailed shots of some amazing hanging sculptures! These pieces are definitely reminiscent of sea anemones, as they were bulbous, yet beautiful! I have to hand it to the people who curate these exhibits, the lighting for each piece was so incredible, it would be near impossible to get a bad shot of anything in there!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 6

Before you reach the entrance to the gardens, you end up inside a large glass greenhouse! It’s definitely not like most of the greenhouses that you usually come across. I didn’t notice any greenhouse plastic over this particular one, so I doubt that it’s going to be used to grow plants and food like tomatoes and strawberries. With all that being said, it’s actually one of the most beautiful greenhouses that I’ve ever come across. Above you, there is a spiral, DNA-like strand of vibrant glass flowers from end to end. As you also look up above, you can see the Space Needle! I decided to take a silly selfie inside, as if the spiral was coming out of my head, like a burst of creative inspiration! (I mean, how could you NOT be inspired by this place?) Just outside the greenhouse, they have a demo of how the glass sculptures were created, so you can get a glimpse into how all these pieces were made!

Jenny Dayco visits the Chihuly garden and glass museum 7

Lastly, I wandered the outdoor garden, which had a blend of glass sculptures situated within actual plants and bushes! I lucked out with the weather (since there are hardly any sunny days in Seattle), so all the colors were rich and bright. Pictured above is a crop of red floral bulbs, and a large cactus style sculpture!

If you’re sticking around the Seattle Center area, this museum is a must-see! Visit their site at for more info!

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EMP Museum madness!

Jenny Dayco visits the EMP museum in Seattle 1

Seattle’s EMP Museum was so amazing, I had to create a standalone post for it!  EMP stands for Experience Music Project, and it is a nonprofit museum, dedicated to contemporary popular culture. The EMP Museum was founded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in 2000.  If you love pop culture, science fiction, and all things media / entertainment related, then definitely make a pit stop here!  Not only is the exterior incredible (which was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry), but the exhibits were phenomenal as well!  As a seasoned “museum buff”, I was impressed by how well each exhibit was carefully curated.

Jenny Dayco visits the EMP museum in Seattle 3

My absolute favorite exhibit was the Infinite Worlds of Science showcase!  Not only did I feel like I was boarding an intergalactic spacecraft, I was in the presence of many amazing props, costumes, and models from the most iconic movies ever!  I’m a child of the 80’s, and I utterly adore all the science fiction movies that defined the genre in the 80’s and 90’s.  So seeing all of these things up close was a real treat!  First up was one of the models from the Terminator movie series!  They definitely freaked me out as a child, so seeing one up close was just as creepy!  It was a lot taller than I expected, but it definitely had that signature menacing grin that I remembered!  On the right side are some of the lightsabers from the original Star Wars trilogy!  The top one was Luke Skywalker’s, the middle one was Darth Vader’s, and the bottom one was Darth Maul’s.

Jenny Dayco visits the EMP museum in Seattle 4

If you know me, you’ll know why I had to feature these three photos above!  I love the movie Mars Attacks!, simply because it’s a hilarious parody on the classic “alien invasion” movie!  Pictured on the left is one of the stop motion models they used in the film!  In the middle is the costume that Daryl Hannah wore as Pris in Blade Runner.  What I love about this particular costume is that it has a futuristic “Siouxsie Sioux” look to it, with a little punk rock thrown in!  And on the right are two costumes by one of my all time favorite movies, The Fifth Element!  One of them was worn by Bruce Willis’ character, Korben Dallas, and the other one was worn by Milla Jovovich’s character, Leeloo.  All the costumes in the film were designed by the irreverent and innovative French couturier, Jean-Paul Gaultier.  Who, by the way, was (and still is!) one of my favorite designers from the 90’s!

Jenny Dayco visits the EMP museum in Seattle 5

To complete this particular exhibit, they had these infinity mirror and light displays in a couple areas of the show!  So naturally I had to take a few pics of them!  The lights were super trippy but absolutely selfie worthy!

Jenny Dayco visits the EMP museum in Seattle 2

When you first enter the museum, you are greeted by this incredible floor to ceiling musical instrument sculpture!  And it plays music!  I couldn’t quite gather the melody, but you can see bits and pieces of the various instruments moving on their own.  The sculpture was in between two major shows centered around iconic musical acts, such as Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses, and Wild Blue Angel: Jimi Hendrix Abroad.  It was amazing to see memorabilia, instruments, and costumes worn by such talented people!

Jenny Dayco visits the EMP museum in Seattle 6

The last exhibit I checked out was Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film.  I can be a real scaredy cat when it comes to horror films, but after seeing all the other shows, I decided to brave through it so I wouldn’t miss out!  And of course, it totally delivered!  I got to see a life size model of one of the aliens from the original Alien movie, which embodied true sci-fi terror all by itself!  There were many other pieces showcased, but since I’m not a horror movie buff, I had no clue what most of it was.  To lighten the mood of the show, they included an interactive exhibit where you can be your own alien!  I had to stand in front of a light projector, and as I moved, it would animate my silhouette into a silly monster creature!  Pictured is what I would be if I were some kind of monster, LOL!

If you’re ever in Seattle, I would definitely check this place out!  All I know is that I am absolutely going back again next time!  To know more about Frank Gehry and see his body of artwork and architecture, please visit

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