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Sleepless in Seattle!

Jenny Dayco visits Seattle 1

The last time I was in Seattle, I was a sassy (and grumpy!) typical teenager.  Although, I did secretly enjoy being the city known as the “birthplace of grunge”.  Going as an adult was a totally different experience–and I could barely sleep because there was so much to do!  I actually wanted to do all the touristy things, like visit Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, etc!  One of the first things we did was visit the Pike Place Market–also known as the one of the oldest farmers’ markets in existence!  Not only did it begin in 1907, but it also houses the first Starbucks coffee shop ever!  (Prepare yourself for a long line!)  When we were there, it was the height of tulip season, so all the flower shops held endless rows of colorful and bright tulips!  And you can basically eat and shop everywhere around you, there are local vendors selling fresh fish and meats, as well as specialty foods and snacks.  Our personal favorite was Chukar Cherries, we literally could not get enough of their Pistachio and Cherry mix, and their Classic Dark Cherries.  And yes, do take advantage of their bulk discount, because we sure did!  And there are also plenty of shops, there are the typical tourist-y gift items, but there are also hidden gems within the large building as you move down through all the floors!

Jenny Dayco visits Seattle 2

After running around the Pike Place Market all day, I decided to check out Seattle Center.  When I was young, we only got to see the Space Needle.  Today, it is surrounded by several museums, and it also has a lovely public playground, performance area, and park!  Since everything was already shutting down that evening, I decided to walk all around the park and take some pics!  I was first enamored with the EMP Museum, with its unique architecture and colorful metal panels.  The building was designed by famed architect Frank Gehry.  I loved the looming curves of the building, and with every step around it, it was a new shape / silhouette against the sky!  Most of the panels were mirrored, which made for some awesome reflections and colors against the ground!  The building was so gigantic, I took a picture of myself (look how tiny I am!) for perspective.  The next day, I went inside the EMP Museum–but that needs its own blog post!

Jenny Dayco visits Seattle 3

I also took a quick snap of the Pacific Science Center’s unique arches, I thought they looked incredible against the cloudy gray sky!  I wasn’t able to check it out on this trip, but I definitely will next time!  EMP Museum blog post to follow soon!  It was just as incredible on the inside as it was on the outside!

To know more about Frank Gehry and see his body of artwork and architecture, please visit

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En route to Seattle!

After a few days in eastern Washington state, we decided to head out west!  En route to Seattle, we saw a gorgeous stop that overlooked the Columbia River!  So naturally we pulled over and took a few pics!

Since it was still cold out, I got to rock my Adidas Originals rose jacket, my favorite black pants by Tripp, and my black Air Max’s by Nike.  The sunset over the river was gorgeous!

Also near the overlook is this random outcropping of rocks!  My parents and I were joking about how funny we looked next to it, we looked like giants!  If you’re ever en route to Seattle or Spokane, definitely pull over and check out any scenic overlook by the freeway, it’ll definitely be worth it!

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Visiting Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene!

We decided to head a little further east from Spokane, and check out Post Falls and Coeur D’Alene!  Post Falls has a lovely man made waterfall and a river side park, called Falls Park,  so naturally we had to make a quick stop!  The waterfalls weren’t high like the one in Spokane, but they sure were mighty!  The park was lined with weeping willow trees–which were mine and my cousin’s favorite trees to swing from when we were little kids!  They were not quite green yet, they were a lovely shade of yellow.  So naturally I had to get a photo in between them!

Afterwards we made a quick shopping trip to an amazing antique mall, called My Favorite Things.  If you love antiques and home decor, this place is definitely worth checking out!  Found so many collectibles, along with a gigantic selection of wonderful antique jewelry and accessories!

After visiting Post Falls, we decided to end the day in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho!  We were told that the first thing we should do was the walk along the boardwalk on Lake Coeur d’Alene.  The boardwalk is one of the world’s largest floating boardwalks, and it has stunning views of the lake and the mountains beyond it.  Part of the boardwalk has a short tower bridge, which had unique architectural details and made for some great photos!  Also, I stumbled across an incredible metal sculpture of a dandelion, created by artist David Tonnesen.

I definitely had a great time visiting these peaceful, low-key cities.  It was undeniably a nice break from the insane pace of LA!  (But of course, I still love LA anyway!)

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Making a stop in Spokane, Washington!

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 1

So a few weeks ago, my parents and I decided to take a fun road trip around Washington state!  I hadn’t been to Washington since I was a teenager–so it was definitely an entirely different experience this time!  We decided to make our first stop in Spokane.  One of the first places we visited was Spokane Falls, which is a waterfall and dam in the heart of downtown Spokane.  They have a lovely park right next to the waterfalls–but if you get too close to the water, you will definitely get super wet!  And unfortunately, we learned that the Sky Ride is only open on weekends!

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 2

Here’s a detail pic of the massive bridge above Spokane Falls, with its amazing strong arches and supports.  And of course I learned the hard way about getting too close to the water, it definitely felt like it was raining in my face!  But of course I had to take a selfie!  And that was the only face I could make with my eyes slightly open, LOL!

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 3

As we were driving around downtown Spokane, we saw these two large smoke stacks!  Turns out it’s an old steam plant that they converted into creative office spaces, boutiques, and a restaurant!  So naturally, we had to eat at the restaurant, which was called Stacks at Steam Plant.  The cool part about it is, you’re still surrounded by the infrastructure of the building, while dining on tasty food!  And afterwards, it’s fun to explore the rest of the building (and work off all that yummy food!).

Jenny Dayco in Spokane Washington 4

Even the tiles inside the building were amazing!  And, creepily enough, you can actually go inside one of the smoke stacks.  I went in when it was super dark, and it was definitely an eerie feeling being in an enclosed space and looking up!  Spokane was definitely a super fun trip, and it was awesome to see things that I don’t normally see in Los Angeles!

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So when I got to drive the 2016 Dodge Challenger…

So, my best friend Tien got her car fixed recently, and they let her rent a 2016 Dodge Challenger for a few days! Being that I’m such a fan of muscle cars, we decided to do an impromptu photoshoot with it at the top of the Arclight Cinemas garage! And then we took it on a long drive, from Hollywood to Bel Air, and drove on Mulholland drive from the 405, all the way to the 101! It was the perfect night for such a drive, the full moon was out, and there was barely a cloud in the sky!

The fact that we both knew that her ownership of the vehicle was going to be temporary made the experience incredibly bittersweet. While it was such a blast to be cruising around in such a beautiful machine, the thought that we would no longer be able to do so in a day or two was a hard pill to swallow. Cutting to a few days after she returned the Challenger, I caught my friend checking out the Autozin car listings looking for a used example of the vehicle. She was clearly having withdrawal symptoms, but who can blame her? I might check in with her at a later date to see if she went ahead with buying one.

Knowing that we would be on such an exciting excursion (with an exciting car!), I tried to rock the most appropriate outfit I could with it! I’m wearing a beanie from Collection XIIX, an awesome “Claudia Schiffer” sweatshirt from Zara, denim leggings from Uniqlo, and black ostrich leather Nike Air Jordans.

Honestly, I am so happy with how this outfit turned out. I wanted to look casual but chic and I think I aced it. Plus, this was the first time I got to wear my Nike Air Jordans since I purchased them a few weeks ago! I actually managed to get these sneakers at a fantastic price. You see, my friend had sent me a nike promo code so I was able to get a discount. They came so quickly and the color is beautiful. I love any opportunities to save money when shopping online so I was delighted that I got a chance to use the code that she sent me.

What do you think of my outfit? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Photos by Tien Tienngern (with the exception of the selfie!).

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Traveling to the Travel Town train car museum!

A couple months ago, I was stuck in traffic on highway 5.  Being an Angeleno for almost two decades, this is not a surprise. In fact, traffic is so prolific, it is always the perfect opportunity to connect with God!  I.e.  “Please Lord, give me strength to not sideswipe this car!” or “Jesus, take the wheel, or else I will throw my beloved Coffee Bean ice blended at that driver!”  This time, it was so bad on the 5, that I actually had a few moments to look at my surroundings.  Near Griffith Park, I saw a whole lot of old train cars situated behind some trees, and I asked myself, “What is THAT?”  Later, when I got home, I looked it up and saw that it was the Travel Town museum!

In my mission to do something new each week, I decided to do a quick stop over there.  The museum was a lot larger than I was expecting, I didn’t get a chance to cover all of it, only just what was outside!  (They have an indoor area with train cars that I have yet to inspect.)  Naturally, I had to take my jewelry with me to explore opportunities for some cool shots!  There are a couple train cars that they allow you to go into, there’s an engine car and an empty passenger car you can walk inside of.  Since I’m not surrounded by trains often, I was pleasantly surprised to see how large and looming they are close up!

I wandered around all the cars looking for cool backgrounds to shoot my jewelry on!  The aged painted metal, wood, and dynamic surfaces definitely made for some amazing shots.  (See gallery above!)  There were also train tracks everywhere, so I suffered through the blazing LA heat to get my name just right on the tracks!  The Travel Town museum and grounds are a great place to do a little exploring, or have a lovely picnic!  It’s definitely worth making a pit stop if you’re in the Griffith Park area!

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Peeking around the Petersen Auto Museum

After having lived in LA for almost half my life, I finally visited the Petersen Auto Museum!  They were closed for a long time for renovations (hello, fancy new exterior!) and they just re-opened at the end of last year!  So, one cloudy day in LA, my friend Aaron and I decided to check it out!  We also opted for the vault tour, to see all the cars they have housed in the garage below.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but it was definitely amazing to see some of the first cars ever made, as well as one a kind cars, and famous cars from movies and other historical events!

When you walk past the amazing exterior entrance–which looks like a giant fingerprint!–you get to see a small selection of awesome cars.  Inside was a burly Land Rover truck from the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, a white 1967 Toyota 2000gt (also in another Bond movie, You Only Live Twice), and a gigantic 1930’s Rolls Royce Phantom with round car doors!  The cars are curated into specific show exhibits, so each gallery has a different rotation of cars based on their show calendar.  My friend and I found ourselves in love with their “Precious Metals” exhibit, where it featured a large handful of beautiful cars in the same bright silver color!  My personal favorite was the 1959 Corvette Stingray–which obviously I had to take a selfie with!  There were also a couple other cars that were exciting to see, like the 1970 Dodge Charger from Furious 7, and the Batmobile from Batman!  One of the guards told us that the Batmobile was a modified Chevrolet Impala, who knew?

They also have frequent car meets and special events hosted at the museum, so it is not only worth just a visit, but worth returning to!  Side note, I also spotted actress Elizabeth Berkley (Saved By The Bell, Showgirls) right next to Steve McQueen’s car!  You never know who you may run into!  Visit their website online at: for tickets and more info.

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Kaleo on Conan O’Brien

Last week my stylist friend Audrey Brianne did a request for a band she was styling for their tv appearance on Conan!  She said the band’s name was Kaleo, and they were from Iceland, and that this event was their first televised performance in the US!  She sent me some pics of them, and suggested I make some cool, earthy jewelry, using rocks and leather.  When I watched the show, I was so happy to see the bass player, Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson, wearing a couple of my bracelets!  He loved them so much he ended up buying them!  Also, their performance was incredible!  Such beautifully composed music, and the lead singer’s voice is uniquely compelling.  Audrey said that during the fitting, the guys kept playing with my pieces in particular, so fingers crossed that they’ll be rocking my pieces in the near future!

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A novel trip to downtown LA

A couple weeks ago, I decided to squeeze in a quick trip to The Last Bookstore in downtown LA! I’ve heard about it for so long, and finally decided to just fit it in that day’s schedule! I love the smell of old books, the feel of thumbing through old pages and marveling at the book cover designs of tomes decades old. The wall above my bed is covered in such weathered pages–I could go on and on about how much I love books! Not only do they carry current print editions, but they also carry gently used books, and extremely rare volumes as well. It is amazing what you can discover in Downtown LA, it is no surprise that people are on the lookout for apartments that they can find here, imagine being close to all of this! Heaven.

The second floor is where the fun begins! A beautiful “flying book” installation by Jena Priebe and David Lovejoy entitled “Diagnosis” greets you as you enter the second floor. It’s followed by an old Chevrolet tailgate that was re-purposed into an industrial style bench. As you walk further in, you are surrounded by shelves put together in wacky ways, and there’s even an old bank vault that they converted into a room full of horror and mystery books! Right next to the vault, there is a large “book archway” that leads you into the next room. When I walked through the book archway, it was hard not to think of Hogwarts, and all things Harry Potter immediately. Not only are there great installations on the second floor, there are also small gift boutiques, and art galleries too! And also, right around the corner is the famous Bradbury building, where many scenes from Blade Runner was filmed!

And of course, I had to get in a couple shots of my jewelry inside, pictured is my vintage 1960’s gold swirl bracelet set with large amazonite stones, and my vintage gold, pyrite stone, and topaz coated quartz point necklace. The necklace was shot inside the vault, where they had these strange science fiction-y style consoles! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and want to experience something cool! The Last Bookstore is located at 453 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

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I want to be the girl with the most cake

The title of this blog post pretty much says it all! Yesterday while I was out buying jewelry supplies, I decided to check out a local art show! I saw some amazing cake inspired artwork on my friend’s Instagram accounts, and I wanted to see its sugary goodness for myself! The show is called Break Bread, and it was at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA. The show featured local LA artists Baker’s Son and Scott Hove. In the spirit of absolute kitsch, I decided to wear my off shoulder Angelyne t-shirt! (To those who don’t know who Angelyne is, she is a true LA icon!)

The gallery is somewhat hidden in between a fabric shop and a wedding supply shop, but the women outside know if you’re looking for the gallery, because they said to me, “Second floor!” LOL! When I walked in, I was told that they were setting up for another event, as well as moving stuff around–which means I may have missed stuff? However, I first went towards Scott Hove’s cake room, which was a colorful, narrow corridor with tall cake sculptures, and each nook and cranny was covered in frosted delight! The corridor was mirrored, so in the photos, the room appears large than it is. But, it was definitely Instagram-worthy to get in there and take a couple selfies!

And before you ask, yes, this was definitely a must. Who wouldn’t want to take selfies to share on Instagram if you’re in a place like this? You would be stupid not to, and if this helps me to get some more followers, then why wouldn’t I do it? I’ve been looking to get more followers for ages, but I’ve had no luck so far. I asked my Instagram-savvy friend if she had any ideas about what to do, and she told me about some growth services but said that I should probably use Nitreo, as she found that jarvee was hard to use and eventually moved across. It looks like it has been beneficial to her as well, so I might look into this if these selfies don’t do the trick. I’m glad I managed to get a few photo opportunities though.

I moved forward to another room, which was a mirrored maze that led me to a large video art installation. The video piece was surrounded by mirrors, so as you got closer to the screen, you felt enveloped by by what was being projected. It would transition from a cool, refreshing rainfall, to a wild, hot fire! After that, I went into another room with more cake sculptures. Naturally I tried to take a few photos with my jewelry alongside the artwork! My favorite pieces was the “Cake Uzi” and the feral looking frosted cake–which all I could think of in my head (which may not make any sense at all) was “FEED ME SEYMOUR!” from The Little Shop of Horrors!

Definitely stay updated on future shows at the Think Tank Gallery, and check out the Break Bread show before it ends on March 13th!

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