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Traveling to the Travel Town train car museum!

A couple months ago, I was stuck in traffic on highway 5.  Being an Angeleno for almost two decades, this is not a surprise. In fact, traffic is so prolific, it is always the perfect opportunity to connect with God!  I.e.  “Please Lord, give me strength to not sideswipe this car!” or “Jesus, take the wheel, or else I will throw my beloved Coffee Bean ice blended at that driver!”  This time, it was so bad on the 5, that I actually had a few moments to look at my surroundings.  Near Griffith Park, I saw a whole lot of old train cars situated behind some trees, and I asked myself, “What is THAT?”  Later, when I got home, I looked it up and saw that it was the Travel Town museum!

In my mission to do something new each week, I decided to do a quick stop over there.  The museum was a lot larger than I was expecting, I didn’t get a chance to cover all of it, only just what was outside!  (They have an indoor area with train cars that I have yet to inspect.)  Naturally, I had to take my jewelry with me to explore opportunities for some cool shots!  There are a couple train cars that they allow you to go into, there’s an engine car and an empty passenger car you can walk inside of.  Since I’m not surrounded by trains often, I was pleasantly surprised to see how large and looming they are close up!

I wandered around all the cars looking for cool backgrounds to shoot my jewelry on!  The aged painted metal, wood, and dynamic surfaces definitely made for some amazing shots.  (See gallery above!)  There were also train tracks everywhere, so I suffered through the blazing LA heat to get my name just right on the tracks!  The Travel Town museum and grounds are a great place to do a little exploring, or have a lovely picnic!  It’s definitely worth making a pit stop if you’re in the Griffith Park area!

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Peeking around the Petersen Auto Museum

After having lived in LA for almost half my life, I finally visited the Petersen Auto Museum!  They were closed for a long time for renovations (hello, fancy new exterior!) and they just re-opened at the end of last year!  So, one cloudy day in LA, my friend Aaron and I decided to check it out!  We also opted for the vault tour, to see all the cars they have housed in the garage below.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but it was definitely amazing to see some of the first cars ever made, as well as one a kind cars, and famous cars from movies and other historical events!

When you walk past the amazing exterior entrance–which looks like a giant fingerprint!–you get to see a small selection of awesome cars.  Inside was a burly Land Rover truck from the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, a white 1967 Toyota 2000gt (also in another Bond movie, You Only Live Twice), and a gigantic 1930’s Rolls Royce Phantom with round car doors!  The cars are curated into specific show exhibits, so each gallery has a different rotation of cars based on their show calendar.  My friend and I found ourselves in love with their “Precious Metals” exhibit, where it featured a large handful of beautiful cars in the same bright silver color!  My personal favorite was the 1959 Corvette Stingray–which obviously I had to take a selfie with!  There were also a couple other cars that were exciting to see, like the 1970 Dodge Charger from Furious 7, and the Batmobile from Batman!  One of the guards told us that the Batmobile was a modified Chevrolet Impala, who knew?

They also have frequent car meets and special events hosted at the museum, so it is not only worth just a visit, but worth returning to!  Side note, I also spotted actress Elizabeth Berkley (Saved By The Bell, Showgirls) right next to Steve McQueen’s car!  You never know who you may run into!  Visit their website online at: for tickets and more info.

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Kaleo on Conan O’Brien

Last week my stylist friend Audrey Brianne did a request for a band she was styling for their tv appearance on Conan!  She said the band’s name was Kaleo, and they were from Iceland, and that this event was their first televised performance in the US!  She sent me some pics of them, and suggested I make some cool, earthy jewelry, using rocks and leather.  When I watched the show, I was so happy to see the bass player, Daníel Ægir Kristjánsson, wearing a couple of my bracelets!  He loved them so much he ended up buying them!  Also, their performance was incredible!  Such beautifully composed music, and the lead singer’s voice is uniquely compelling.  Audrey said that during the fitting, the guys kept playing with my pieces in particular, so fingers crossed that they’ll be rocking my pieces in the near future!

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A novel trip to downtown LA

A couple weeks ago, I decided to squeeze in a quick trip to The Last Bookstore in downtown LA!  I’ve heard about it for so long, and finally decided to just fit it in that day’s schedule!  I love the smell of old books, the feel of thumbing through old pages, and marveling at the book cover designs of tomes decades old.  The wall above my bed is covered in such weathered pages–I could go on and on about how much I love books!  Not only do they carry current print editions, but they also carry gently used books, and extremely rare volumes as well.

The second floor is where the fun begins!  A beautiful “flying book” installation by Jena Priebe and David Lovejoy entitled “Diagnosis” greets you as you enter the second floor.  It’s followed by an old Chevrolet tailgate that was re-purposed into an industrial style bench.  As you walk further in, you are surrounded by shelves put together in wacky ways, and there’s even an old bank vault that they converted into a room full of horror and mystery books!  Right next to the vault, there is a large “book archway” that leads you into the next room.  When I walked through the book archway, it was hard not to think of Hogwarts, and all things Harry Potter immediately.  Not only are there great installations on the second floor, there are also small gift boutiques, and art galleries too!  And also, right around the corner is the famous Bradbury building, where many scenes from Blade Runner was filmed!

And of course, I had to get in a couple shots of my jewelry inside, pictured is my vintage 1960’s gold swirl bracelet set with large amazonite stones, and my vintage gold, pyrite stone, and topaz coated quartz point necklace.  The necklace was shot inside the vault, where they had these strange science fiction-y style consoles!  It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area and want to experience something cool!  The Last Bookstore is located at 453 South Spring Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

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I want to be the girl with the most cake

The title of this blog post pretty much says it all!  Yesterday while I was out buying jewelry supplies, I decided to check out a local art show!  I saw some amazing cake inspired artwork on my friend’s Instagram accounts, and I wanted to see its sugary goodness for myself!  The show is called Break Bread, and it was at the Think Tank Gallery in downtown LA.  The show featured local LA artists Baker’s Son and Scott Hove.  In the spirit of absolute kitsch, I decided to wear my off shoulder Angelyne t-shirt!  (To those who don’t know who Angelyne is, she is a true LA icon!)

The gallery is somewhat hidden in between a fabric shop and a wedding supply shop, but the women outside know if you’re looking for the gallery, because they said to me, “Second floor!”  LOL!  When I walked in, I was told that they were setting up for another event, as well as moving stuff around–which means I may have missed stuff?  However, I first went towards Scott Hove’s cake room, which was a colorful, narrow corridor with tall cake sculptures, and each nook and cranny was covered in frosted delight!  The corridor was mirrored, so in the photos, the room appears large than it is.  But, it was definitely Instagram-worthy to get in there and take a couple selfies!

I moved forward to another room, which was a mirrored maze that led me to a large video art installation.  The video piece was surrounded by mirrors, so as you got closer to the screen, you felt enveloped by by what was being projected.  It would transition from a cool, refreshing rainfall, to a wild, hot fire!  After that, I went into another room with more cake sculptures.  Naturally I tried to take a few photos with my jewelry alongside the artwork!  My favorite pieces was the “Cake Uzi” and the feral looking frosted cake–which all I could think of in my head (which may not make any sense at all) was “FEED ME SEYMOUR!” from The Little Shop of Horrors!

Definitely stay updated on future shows at the Think Tank Gallery, and check out the Break Bread show before it ends on March 13th!

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Feeling intergalactic planetary at Vasquez Rocks!

Personally, I’ve always been a huge fan of science fiction movies!  So one random Monday, I decided that I needed to get out of the LA area, and visit one of the movie industry’s iconic filming locations, Vasquez Rocks!  I squealed internally as I drove up towards the large, diagonal rocks!  My favorite films and tv shows that were shot here are:  Austin Powers, John Carter, Planet of the Apes, Star Trek, and MacGyver!  And, Vasquez Rocks was drawn as a landscape in one of my all time FAVORITE tv shows, Futurama!

I did a quick walkabout, and I tried to get some cool shots of my jewelry with the rocks in the background!  What’s also amazing about this place is that you can bring a book and read, relax and meditate, or hike up the rocks!  Which of COURSE I had to climb up the rocks–it’s a short but steep hike, and a little narrow and tricky in certain spots, but I made it up there!  (Sans water, like a crazy person–I mean, what was I thinking?)  As I was making my way up, there was a guy blasting music from his car, so I hiked up there listening to the soft sounds of Otis Redding and Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.

It was definitely inspiring to be around such unique and looming rock formations, I mostly just stood awestruck in the midst of it all!  Hope you guys get the chance to visit such a magical and incredible place!

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Behind the scenes of my spring collection shoot!

Here’s a little glimpse on what goes on behind the scenes on one of my shoots!  My overall concept was to do a loose interpretation of “shipwrecked jewelry” on a sunny beach with my work husband, Josh Williams!  I chose El Matador in Malibu as our location, because I love its rugged rocks, tide pools, caves, and crashing waves.  What Josh and I did not expect is that the tide would be so high that day!  We could barely see the rocks and tide pools since every wave covered them completely!  So we made do with the driftwood we found on the beach, and started shooting there.  As time went on, I felt more bold to get in the water–which hilariously enough I did NOT think I would be doing–to lay my pieces out on the rocks.  (I didn’t even bring a towel–that’s how naive I was about the tides!)  We would get in the water numerous times to get our shots, and then rush out as the waves would come in!  It was quite a workout as we ran back and forth, yelping and laughing while trying to not let my pieces get swept away!  I’ll admit, a couple times I really thought my jewelry was gone for good, and was swept out to sea, only to find that it would come back to the sand several feet away!  Guess you guys are really meant to have these particular pieces!  Hope you all enjoy all the wonderful photos and the story behind it all!  To see more of Josh’s work, please visit his website at

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Spring collection coming soon!

Jenny Dayco jewelry springs forward

I spent this past holiday season in the Bay Area, and its watery surroundings is what has inspired me to create a beautiful collection for Spring 2016!  I often drove alongside the San Francisco Bay, over the Bay Bridge, and over the Golden Gate bridge–basically playing a “tourist” in the areas I grew up in.  I spent chilly evenings along the Embarcadero, braved driving through El Nino style weather conditions, and saw the city streets glisten underneath all the street lights.  This wet wonderland will serve as my inspiration for a collection that is all things bright, beautiful, with soft colors, and plenty of movement!  Check back soon for gorgeous images shot by my work husband, Josh Williams.  Photo courtesy of Kenjo Raif of Garage Star. Can’t wait to share with you all of what’s to come!  Love, Jenny

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Get 20% off your entire order!

Shine bright Jenny Dayco holiday 2015

Get ridiculously gorgeous this holiday season with some amazing pieces!  Or are you looking for a gift for that special someone?  Find the perfect gift for the most devoted Taylor Swift fan you know!  (Or if you’re a die-hard Swiftie, get for you AND your BFF!)  Enter coupon code SPARKLEMEUP at checkout.  Exclusions apply to the mystery jewelry box–but hey, always free domestic and international shipping to wherever you are!  There’s no limit to how many times you can use the code, but it does expire on 12-22-15!  To make sure your item gets there by Christmas, place your order by Monday, December 14th.  For international orders, please order by Monday, December 7th or earlier.  All orders shipped after these dates are subject to be received after the Christmas holiday.  Thanks for shopping!  And always keep checking on my online store for new products added weekly!

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Courtney’s wedding!

Wedding dress belt and bridal headband by Jenny Dayco

A few months ago, my work husband, photographer Josh Williams, asked me to make his sister’s bridal accessories for her October 10th wedding! The outfits of the bride and groom are such an important part of a wedding, especially the bride’s dress as this is one of the biggest things that people talk about after the event. To help me out with my designs for her accessories, Courtney sent me some inspiration pictures she’d found, along with some pictures of her dress! Accessories are an essential for every outfit, let alone your wedding day outfit. It was so important that her accessories were perfect and matched her dress as well as they could. Her dress was so gorgeous, it reminded me of the sort of dresses you would expect to see from luxury wedding dress brands like Winnie Couture (for Wedding Dresses in Atlanta) for example. The pressure was on as I knew that the bride would be wearing these accessories all day, and being photographed in them! They had to be perfect for her special day.

Despite having these pictures, I still needed some direction from Josh as to what would pair well with her dress, so we went to downtown LA together to scout for some supplies! It was Josh’s first time going into all the supply stores, so he was (not surprisingly!) visually overwhelmed! (Plus the 90+ degree heat didn’t help either) But, after a zigzag search of all kinds of sparkly bridal trims and goodies, we finally narrowed it down to a couple of crucial pieces to start from! And pictured above is the final result of her accessories. Hopefully they will match her dress perfectly, I’m sure she’ll look amazing on her big day. I’m looking forward to making more bridal pieces in the future, and seeing the pictures from Josh’s sisters wedding day soon!

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