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1970’s Glam with Audrina Patridge!

So remember that fun behind the scenes post about Audrina Patridge‘s new lifestyle blog?  I’m totally in love with all the images that my work husband, Josh Williams, lensed for this amazing 70’s inspired shoot!  We got to experiment with a lot of looks, transitioning from Farrah Fawcett to Jerry Hall glam!  Myself and Jessica Oliver from Swift Vintage did the wardrobe for this shoot, along with hairstylist Briana Cisneros, and make-up artist Amy Clarke. Definitely visit Audrina’s new blog at!

To purchase her pieces from this shoot, please visit

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Taco Tuesday outfit!

Jenny Dayco Taco Tuesday outfit

Right after I did a photo shoot with Josh Williams for my website, my friend invited me to Taco Tuesday at Marix in West Hollywood!  But since my outfit was so cute, I asked my friend Will Youngblood to snap this quick photo of me!  It was a warm LA evening, so I decided to wear a light and breezy outfit.  Vintage dress, 70’s silver belt, and vintage hand tooled leather bag from Jet Rag, boots by MIA, turquoise howlite pendant necklace and silver agate locket ring by yours truly!

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Ronda Rousey wearing my necklace!

Ronda Rousey wearing a hypersthene and gold arrow necklace by Jenny Dayco

Last night, my cousin Josephine Dayco Lock texted me and said that she was going to meet MMA champion Ronda Rousey at a press event in Sydney!  And that she was planning on giving my necklace to Ronda as a gift!  Cut to a few hours later (while I was asleep–Pacific Standard Time vs. Australia time), I woke up to find an awesome photo she sent me of Ronda wearing my vintage gold chain, hypersthene stone, and gold arrow necklace!  I was so excited!!  I’ve been a huge fan of Ronda’s since “The Expendables 3”, and most recently for “Furious 7”.  Looking forward to hopefully having her wear more pieces in the future!

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First outfit post! Happy hour style!

Jenny Dayco happy hour outfit ootd

For a long time, I’ve always wanted to do a plus size fashion blog!  I just wanted to share with the world how I wear my jewelry with all my fun outfits!  I hope these posts inspire you all to try new styles or types of outfits–as I’ve learned to experiment through the years with my own personal style!  Being a plus size woman was actually the reason why I became a jewelry designer!  In the early 2000’s, there wasn’t as much edgy and fashion forward plus size clothing, so the only way I could dress up my outfits was through exciting jewelry and accessories!  Keep checking back for more outfit posts in the future!  And I would love to see how you all wear my jewelry with your outfits as well!

I recently went to happy hour with a friend, and it was a bright summer-y day in LA, so I chose to wear this boho casual outfit!  Hat by Panama Jack, Audrey sunglasses by Céline, top by Ecote from Urban Outfitters Surplus, acid wash denim shorts by Torrid, moto boots by MIA, and necklace by yours truly–available HERE.

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Made in Los Angeles meets made in Paris!

Marilyn Feltz and Jenny Dayco jewelry

You know how sometimes you just meet people and you instantaneously click with them?  That’s EXACTLY how I felt when I met the lovely Marilyn Feltz and her husband Alexis Gaffuri!  They were visiting from Paris and stopped by Swift Vintage and bought a couple pairs of my earrings for their lookbook shoot!  Afterwards, they got in touch, and they visited me at my studio to borrow more jewelry for their shoot!  And the end result was so amazing!!  Marilyn ended up buying a majority of the jewelry used on the shoot, which were all my newest and latest pieces!  Which means my busy hands must make more awesome gorgeousness!  To see more of Marilyn and Alexis’ clothing line, visit their site at

Photography by Tatiana Gerusova, model is Gia Genevieve, hair by Tony Medina, makeup by Mynxii White, and styling by Ashley Pamela Miller.

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Behind the scenes from Audrina Patridge’s first blog shoot!

Behind the scenes from Audrina Patridge blog shoot

So a few weeks ago, I got a call from my work husband, photographer Josh Williams!  He said that Audrina was planning on doing a photo shoot for her new blog, and wanted him and his team to work on it!  So naturally he called upon his glam squad dream team, myself and Jessica Oliver from Swift Vintage as wardrobe, hairstylist Briana Cisneros, and makeup artist Amy Clarke!  Audrina wanted to do a boho glam 1970’s style shoot–which was inspired by the likes of Jerry Hall, with a touch of bohemian glam!

The day was filled with lots of laughter and fun as we experimented with different types of 70’s looks!  At one point, we decided to do a shot of the crew–or basically what Audrina sees when she’s getting photographed!  Being behind the camera often, I never really think about what it looks like to the subject–having an audience stare back and looking to tweak things to make sure we get perfect shots!  Her blog launches at the end of this month, or at the beginning of September!  When her site is live, please visit!  And for more behind the scenes fun from this shoot, visit my Pinterest board at:

To buy some of the pieces that Audrina wore in this shoot and previous shoots, click here:

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My first belt accessory on Steven Tyler!

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith wearing a Jenny Dayco belt accessory 2

OMG, I’m so excited to see pics of my little belt accessory on Aerosmith’s front man, Steven Tyler!  A couple months ago, wardrobe stylist Jana Lee contacted me about making some custom pieces for Steven’s upcoming tour.  He’s a big fan of wearing dangly bits and pieces off of his belt loops to give his outfits a little something “extra”!  So I made a couple of them (pictured is the red and brown one), and lo and behold–here are also pics of him wearing it during Aerosmith’s performance in Lake Tahoe on July 4th!  Looking forward to seeing more pics of the iconic rocker wearing my pieces!

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Serayah McNeill from “Empire”

Serayah McNeill wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry

SO excited to have the lovely singer/actress Serayah McNeill wearing my jewelry on the cover of Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine!  She is most memorable in Fox’s hit tv show, “Empire” and for a cameo in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video.  To buy all the pieces she wore in the shoot, visit

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Orly Shani on “Who Wore It Better”

Orly Shani wearing a Jenny Dayco necklace

Check out the lovely Orly Shani wearing a one of a kind necklace by Jenny Dayco on E!’s “Who Wore It Better”!  She is definitely one of my favorite fashionistas to accessorize, as she always pushes the envelope with her unique style.  I’m always thankful for her support of my jewelry line, so definitely check out her clothing line, Tuc + Wes, at  Her necklace is available for purchase online at:

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Lindsey Shaw of Pretty Little Liars!

Lindsey Shaw wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry

Excited for tomorrow night’s “Pretty Little Liars” finale?  FINALLY we all get to find out who “A” is!  The lovely Lindsey Shaw posted on her Instagram a recent photo of herself wearing my gold round filigree earrings!  She’s so sweet for her continued support of my jewelry line!  Buy her earrings at my online store at:

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