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Behind the scenes from Audrina Patridge’s first blog shoot!

Behind the scenes from Audrina Patridge blog shoot

So a few weeks ago, I got a call from my work husband, photographer Josh Williams!  He said that Audrina was planning on doing a photo shoot for her new blog, and wanted him and his team to work on it!  So naturally he called upon his glam squad dream team, myself and Jessica Oliver from Swift Vintage as wardrobe, hairstylist Briana Cisneros, and makeup artist Amy Clarke!  Audrina wanted to do a boho glam 1970’s style shoot–which was inspired by the likes of Jerry Hall, with a touch of bohemian glam!

The day was filled with lots of laughter and fun as we experimented with different types of 70’s looks!  At one point, we decided to do a shot of the crew–or basically what Audrina sees when she’s getting photographed!  Being behind the camera often, I never really think about what it looks like to the subject–having an audience stare back and looking to tweak things to make sure we get perfect shots!  Her blog launches at the end of this month, or at the beginning of September!  When her site is live, please visit!  And for more behind the scenes fun from this shoot, visit my Pinterest board at:

To buy some of the pieces that Audrina wore in this shoot and previous shoots, click here:

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My first belt accessory on Steven Tyler!

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith wearing a Jenny Dayco belt accessory 2

OMG, I’m so excited to see pics of my little belt accessory on Aerosmith’s front man, Steven Tyler!  A couple months ago, wardrobe stylist Jana Lee contacted me about making some custom pieces for Steven’s upcoming tour.  He’s a big fan of wearing dangly bits and pieces off of his belt loops to give his outfits a little something “extra”!  So I made a couple of them (pictured is the red and brown one), and lo and behold–here are also pics of him wearing it during Aerosmith’s performance in Lake Tahoe on July 4th!  Looking forward to seeing more pics of the iconic rocker wearing my pieces!

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Serayah McNeill from “Empire”

Serayah McNeill wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry

SO excited to have the lovely singer/actress Serayah McNeill wearing my jewelry on the cover of Sophisticate’s Black Hair magazine!  She is most memorable in Fox’s hit tv show, “Empire” and for a cameo in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video.  To buy all the pieces she wore in the shoot, visit

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Orly Shani on “Who Wore It Better”

Orly Shani wearing a Jenny Dayco necklace

Check out the lovely Orly Shani wearing a one of a kind necklace by Jenny Dayco on E!’s “Who Wore It Better”!  She is definitely one of my favorite fashionistas to accessorize, as she always pushes the envelope with her unique style.  I’m always thankful for her support of my jewelry line, so definitely check out her clothing line, Tuc + Wes, at  Her necklace is available for purchase online at:

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Lindsey Shaw of Pretty Little Liars!

Lindsey Shaw wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry

Excited for tomorrow night’s “Pretty Little Liars” finale?  FINALLY we all get to find out who “A” is!  The lovely Lindsey Shaw posted on her Instagram a recent photo of herself wearing my gold round filigree earrings!  She’s so sweet for her continued support of my jewelry line!  Buy her earrings at my online store at:

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Congrats to Jenny Wu of Good Bad and Fab!

Jenny Wu of Good Bad and Fab wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry

So a couple weeks ago, I heard the good news that my fellow fashionista is going to be a contestant on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race!  I approached Jenny a few years ago about being in my fall 2012 lookbook!  The whole concept of the shoot was for her to style her outfits using my jewelry!  She went with a couple soft romantic looks, an edgy, rock n’ roll look, and a “Blair Waldorf” look for the shoot!  We had so much fun that day, especially with photographer Josh Williams (aka my work husband!)  You can see the shoot in its entirety on my Pinterest board at:  For more info about Jenny, check out her blog, Good Bad and Fab, and watch her cast video here!  I’m so proud of her and I’ll be crossing my fingers that she wins the grand prize!  The Amazing Race premieres on CBS on Wednesday, February 25th!

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New year, new beginnings!

Gold sunburst necklace by Jenny Dayco

Happy new year to everyone!!  I hope that 2015 will be a stellar year for everyone and their loved ones!  It has been so encouraging this past holiday season to see orders come through and know that my customers are happy with their pieces!  This year it is my mission to keep pushing my creative boundaries, so that I can make phenomenally awesome work that I know you guys will keep and cherish forever.  Keep a close eye out on my online store, as those one of a kind pieces get scooped up right away!  Looking forward to each and every one of you enjoying a piece that I’ve made as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!  xoxo, Jenny

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Our 10th Anniversary Party!

Jenny Dayco's 10th Anniversary party at Swift Vintage

Metallic balloons, raffle prizes, a self-serve bar, and plenty of bling. What better way for Jenny Dayco Jewelry to celebrate?On Saturday the 15th, we got dolled up for our 10th Anniversary Party hosted by Swift Vintage, thanks to the lovely owners Jess and Edie. DJ Armando Jovel set the vibe, spinning top 40 jams as customers grooved their way through a sparkly arcade of jewelry and eclectic vintage pieces.

The shop was buzzing with excitement throughout the evening as people enjoyed nibbles and drinks, and names were announced for the ten lucky raffle prize winnerswho scored popular pieces including our silver heart locket bracelet and our blue spike & rhinestone necklace.

Celebrity make-up artist Tasha Reiko Brown whose expertise and skills are usually seen on the faces of Jordin Sparks and Jill Scott, took to the mic as MC entertaining the crowd with her hilarious wit and off the cuff humor. Guests in attendance included everyone from celebrity stylist Melissa Meister to fashion bloggers Tamara B from Lil Miss Style and Erica from Sweets and Hearts.

Though the evening turned cool, the mood remained warm as we reflected on the faces of dear friends, customers, and baristas who have cheered us on, brewed amazing caffeinated drinks for us, and supported us in a thousand other ways that have kept us going throughout the last ten years.Thank you to all who attended and to all those who celebrated with us in spirit! We’re grateful, overwhelmed, and feel truly blessed to have been surrounded by so much love, laughter, and joy that night. The first ten years have been amazing. We can’t wait to see what the next ten will bring. Here’s to celebrating more milestones together with you in classic Jenny Dayco style!
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A Decade of Dayco

Joanna Krupa wearing Jenny Dayco jewelry

by Josephine D. Lock

It’s Jenny, it’s Jenny, she’s nice to you;

It’s Jenny it’s Jenny, she’ll do what you do;

It’s Jenny, it’s Jenny, she’ll hug you too;

Jenny is so good to you!

Growing up, my sisters and I used to sing this song every time we saw our cousin Jenny. It may sound silly but I can still remember the exact tune and tempo of this particular impromptu family jam. Maybe someday you’ll even learn to sing it too. But for now, it remains a Dayco tradition, one that’s as true as the very subject it celebrates: the one and only Jenny Dayco.

Decades have passed since that song was first written, but not much has changed about Jenny. She’s grown up to be the same incredibly nice and easy-going person she was a kid. She gives the most amazing hugs. Even today, as Jenny is one of LA’s most sought after jewelry designers, you can’t help but conclude that yes, she truly is good to not only you, but so many others.

Customers around the world love wearing Jenny Dayco’s pieces for they offer a personal touch that remains unique to her. From concept to delivery, Jenny’s designs carry a distinct blend of genuine, hand-crafted quality mixed with a shot of her contagious joy and sense of humour. It’s what people have come to expect and know to be true. And it’s these same people – everyone from her customers to stockists and stylists, who continue to inspire her work.

“I still have to learn things along the way. As my work and creativity evolves, so do the needs of my customers. I like to think that I’ve tried to grow with them over the years,” she says, reflectively. “I’m thankful to my stores, customers, and stylists for their ‘out of the box’ requests. Their questions force me to create new things or build upon ideas and techniques that I’m not immediately familiar with.”

And oftentimes, that’s where the magic begins. An idea that was once floating around in her aesthetic consciousness will finally begin to take shape. “There have been numerous moments when I’ve had a piece, or part, or stone, that I got when I first started out, and I’ve paired it with something I got a couple weeks ago,” she says. “Bits and pieces start to come together like a puzzle being solved!”

But her pieces don’t always come together that swiftly.

“There are times where I think I’ve dodged a bullet and times when I haven’t, but those times I ended up making mediocre work,” she says. “I’ve made numerous mistakes. I even have a secret TBD box of pieces that I wasn’t able to craft quite right. But as an artist, I think that making imperfect creations is crucial to getting to that next step, that next piece.”

It’s difficult to believe that Jenny has ever made any mistakes as her one-woman business continues to thrive in a market dominated by fast fashion stores and jewelry lines that are mass produced.

Ten years ago, she never would have guessed that her jewelry designs would be gracing the pages of international fashion magazines and runway shows or end up on a coveted list of Hollywood celebrities. Since 2004, her pieces have also been a musician’s best friend, donned by everyone from Beyoncé to Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.

So what’s Jenny’s secret to success, you may ask. What is it that sets her apart from the rest? My gut instinct says it’s something that no one else has – it’s Jenny herself. And because she’s original, her pieces continue to be as well. Many have tried to copy her style; others have attempted to produce replicas of her designs. But they can never capture the amount of time, care, and detail spent on every piece she makes.

“I allow myself the freedom to create without pressure because I know I have no control over what customers will and will not buy. People will feel drawn when they see the love and inspiration in something I make because it resonates within them too.”

And boy, has it ever. One particular piece she designed resonated with Rihanna and ended up staying with her throughout her entire tour: it was a beautifully crafted silver heart locket, which was also later seen being worn by Selena Gomez. A second piece that resonated with another famous customer was a gold heart locket Necklace which Taylor Swift wore on a photo shoot, then ended up buying to keep for herself.

“Celebrities have access to practically anything in the universe, so when they decide upon wearing and having my pieces, it makes me feel extraordinary about the work I do.”

But no matter how extraordinary the feeling, it’s clear that celebrities are not Jenny’s passion or aim. Her focus is on the every day feelings, thoughts, and ideas – everything from the tangible to the nostalgic.

“Ideas always come and go in my mind, but I try my best to make things that will last forever, maybe even lifetimes, a piece that may get passed down from one generation to the next.”

What is next? Where does Jenny see herself taking the company in the future? Branching out into other accessories, expanding into clothing and creating her own custom t shirts, as well as working on special projects with other designers and brands are just a few of the plans she has in mind.

As she continues to build her company, it’s clear that the best of Jenny Dayco is yet to come and personally, I cannot wait to see what she will have accomplished after another decade of Dayco is complete. Until then, let’s all keep singing the Jenny anthem because as you now know, she truly is good. Happy 10 years Jenny Dayco!

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