Here’s a little glimpse on what goes on behind the scenes on one of my shoots!  My overall concept was to do a loose interpretation of “shipwrecked jewelry” on a sunny beach with my work husband, Josh Williams!  I chose El Matador in Malibu as our location, because I love its rugged rocks, tide pools, caves, and crashing waves.  What Josh and I did not expect is that the tide would be so high that day!  We could barely see the rocks and tide pools since every wave covered them completely!  So we made do with the driftwood we found on the beach, and started shooting there.  As time went on, I felt more bold to get in the water–which hilariously enough I did NOT think I would be doing–to lay my pieces out on the rocks.  (I didn’t even bring a towel–that’s how naive I was about the tides!)  We would get in the water numerous times to get our shots, and then rush out as the waves would come in!  It was quite a workout as we ran back and forth, yelping and laughing while trying to not let my pieces get swept away!  I’ll admit, a couple times I really thought my jewelry was gone for good, and was swept out to sea, only to find that it would come back to the sand several feet away!  Guess you guys are really meant to have these particular pieces!  Hope you all enjoy all the wonderful photos and the story behind it all!  To see more of Josh’s work, please visit his website at