Green kyanite silver circle earrings


These earrings are both minimalist and statement making at the same time!  Show them off with a soft updo or a slick ponytail!  Green Kyanite aligns all of the chakras, but it is most known for its ability to balance the Heart Chakra. It helps one heal through the connection to nature by absorbing energy from the earth. Green kyanite helps one look within the heart of another to see what truly motivates them.  It helps look through the person’s actions and words to view who they are beneath the surface to unearth their true nature.

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Materials are: silver plated brass earring components, with green kyanite stones.  Earrings are 2.5″ long and 2″ wide.  Due to the nature of the kyanite stones, they are individual in color.  The earrings are slightly on the heavier side, so they are not for those with sensitive ears. The ear wires are slightly thicker than an average ear wire, so if you have smaller ear holes, I would not recommend you buy these earrings. Please ignore the poster putty used for photographic purposes.


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